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Nuvaring for 28 days - when do I put it back in?

Hey guys,

I know this is kind of a beginner's question, but I am pretty new to BC and I just want to be doubly sure that I'm being safe.

Since I'm only on my second ring, I thought I'd post my entire BC history here:

21 Nov: Inserted first ring
12 Dec: Removed first ring, exactly three weeks later. Bleeding started a couple of days after, ended in roughly a week
19 Dec: Inserted second ring, exactly one week later

And that's basically where I am now.

I'm going to see my boyfriend for the first time in a long while on 10 Jan. Unfortunately, the 3-weeks-in-1-week-out schedule prescribes that I remove my second ring on 9 Jan, meaning I will be bleeding when I see him, and that complicates matters, to say the least.

I did some reading up and discovered that you can leave the ring in for up to 28 days, but I have a question about when I should put in my third ring. Should I do it immediately after removing my second ring? Or should I wait a week?

If I remove my second ring on 13 Jan (thereby leaving it in for 25 days) will that eliminate any bleeding between the 10th and 13th? Basically the main goal here is to get rid of any bleeding (be it "period" or spotting) during those days. I know the fact that I'm so new to the ring, and that I'm switching from a 3-week to a 4-week cycle for the first time, has some effect on this.

Thank you! I appreciate any help that's provided.

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