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Not-Period Wonky because of BC?

You guys have probably have had questions similar to this a bajillion times, and I'm sorry for subjecting you guys another one. I've browsed through previous posts, but didn't see anything that quite answered my question. :/

I started birth control for the first time on the 14th of this month (Cyclen 28), which was the first day of my period (which the instructions... instructed). Now, I know it hasn't even been two weeks, but my period hasn't quite ended. My discharge is this light/dull brown colour (which I normally associate with the end of my period) with the occasional spot of bright red blood.

Is this normal? It doesn't really bother me besides being annoying and having to wear a panty liner, but I'd rather it go away.

Any help would be great appreciated.

P.S. I should probably mention that my period is generally 6-7 days long.
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