Easy, Lucky, Free (memoirsofsunny) wrote in vaginapagina,
Easy, Lucky, Free

Uva Ursi use? Possible bladder infection? Smell problem.

I've been to the gyno twice. Different doctors both times. Both for a 'smell' problem. The first one diagnosed me with BV, and gave me meds. The smell went away from my vag, but I realized I still had it around my urethra/clitoral area. Doctor said I had a bladder infection, prescribed me meds and the smell completely vanished. Once I was off the meds, the smell came right back.

I waited about four months before going to another gyno. I changed gynos because I went away for college, and he was the only available one. I told him I had been treated awhile ago with BV and bladder infection meds, but the smell was back. He checked me out for both. Negative for BV, Negative for a bladder infection. Sent me on my merry way. I'm not sure if he was wrong or not, but I do think I have a bladder infection.

The smell is a garlicy, acidic, butthole smell almost! Awful. It goes away if I wash around the area in the mornings, but if I go a day without a shower *phew* it is awful! It is only around my urethra and clit area. I believe the bladder infection is back, but I do not wish to seek medical treatment just yet. I would love to try to cure it naturally. How effective/safe is Uva Ursi? How much should I take to get rid of it? Should I drink cranberry juice along with it? Anyone else have this issue?

[Ah. But it doesn't burn when I pee or anything else really. Just a bad smell. The smell has been there probably since I started puberty. ...5 years ago! But I really really don't think it's just my natural body smell. Maybe I'm dehydrated? ARG. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP:)]
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