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Pain when peeing, but negative doctor results... hm.

So for the last... four months or so, maybe starting at the end of August, I started getting this weird occasional pain when urinating.

It doesn't happen every time I go, and it's usually from the first pee in the morning if anything. It never burned like a UTI (I got one somehow or other 2 years ago so I know what THAT feels like) and I didn't have any other symptoms, but I went to my campus health centre where they told me that the results of my culture had bacteria. Okay, so I took the Macrobid that they prescribed for me... basically no difference. Sometimes it would burn, sometimes not.

I finally managed to get an appointment with my regular doctor just this week (after being really careful with wiping/general cleaning etc. for the last few months to no avail) and since I'm not sexually active yet we didn't do a pelvic exam but she swabbed me. Both my urine culture and swab came back normal. I haven't had the burning since the day before the appointment but it'll probably be back.

I guess if my doc says nothing's wrong, I shouldn't worry about it, but I wanted to know if anyone here had any insights. Has anything like this happened to anyone before?

Thank you~
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