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Bleeding??? - Vagina or Rectum?

I'm sure I'm probably being paranoid... I just had an unpleasant (big, uncomfortable, it hurt, I tried not to strain but it was inevitable) type of bowel movement. When I wiped, there was blood. I really couldnt tell if it was coming from my vagina or my butt. It kind of freaked me out because usually that doesnt happen. I'm sure it was probably just a one-time issue. Is it usual to have a tiny bit of blood after a particularly painful bowel movement? (These type dont happen often for me. just havent been eating a lot of fiber lately). Does it sound like I should worry whether or not its from my vagina? Idk, maybe I should put in a lite tampon for an hour and see if anything shows up on it? Or is that not a good idea?
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