estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI - should I worry?

Thanks to VP, I went to see a nurse for a urine test this morning to see if I had a UTI. All my friends insisted that 'I'd know it' if I had one and I had virtually none of the symptoms - just a very slight discomfort upon peeing and later, pain in my back which I had convinced myself was in my head. Even the nurse said she doubted I had one based on my symptoms, but when she tested my urine, there were white blood cells so she gave me antibiotics. I was pretty shocked, as the symptoms were so mild, I probably wouldn't have even noticed normally. I'm worried about my kidneys now, I explained to her that they felt very uncomfortable and she said not to worry, just to take the antibiotics and go to the hospital if anything got worse. She pretty much said I'd know about it if I had a kidney infection, but then that's what everyone said about the UTI! I'm totally bummed out now. Can't believe I got this on top of my constant vagina problems, and at Christmas as well. I'm gonna have a hard time getting more antibiotics if I need them.
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