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how would you react?

My best friend told me a story today, and I have to wonder how other folks would react. What better place to ask than wonderful VP?

She went to a party on friday and spent all of saturday hungover and feeling "bleh." I think most folks have done that at least once in their life. She was still ucky this morning and her husband woke her up before he left for for work to try to have sex with her.(He has 15 min before walking out the door, it's 745am, and her day off.) He starts rubbing her back, she rolls over and says, "no way that's going to happen." He then says "give me a blow job then." to which she replied "are you on f'ing crack?" he got pissed off and left to go to work.

She's still really ticked off over the whole episode and I would be too. She says she felt like he was treating her as just a piece of meat, etc.

If you were in a similar situation, would you be really angry too? I think if my husband pulled that on me, I might have gone ahead and tried, and then when I ended up puking on him, that would have served him right. (sorry if that sounds too mean or not-safe-spaceish.)

just wondered, thanks all.
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