Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Facebook & Poo

Due to the social networking wonder that is Facebook, a childhood friend of mine and I were discussing poo.

During the conversation, she seemed concerned when I told her I almost never pee and poop at once. (I do, but only in dire emergency, "I drank one more cup of coffee thinking I could make it to the next rest stop, but the next rest stop was closed, there's way too much nothing in the desert, and the cacti are pokey and will not shield my bum view from other drivers -- WTF is a Border Patrol checkpoint line doing here?!?!? Eleventypee!" situations.) Not that I don't do them in the same sitting, which I do, but that they don't come out simultaneously.

The concern was that, since I usually poop before I pee, I was then holding in my urine. And that, because I was holding in my urine too long, it might contribute to UTI problems in the present or in the future.

While I can understand the reasoning, I think, for me, it doesn't really pan out. First, I don't feel like I'm holding in urine, just that, when I go, I'm pooping first. Second, while I understand that it's not great to hold in urine too long, I think the extra 15-30 seconds it takes for me to have a bowel movement is not going to make or break my bladder. (Because, if my bladder does start to go, I'm totally blaming the coffee and the rest stops. And the cacti. Effing too-short cacti.)

However, the reason I am coming to you now, VP, is not worry but curiosity. I must know how many people pee and poop simultaneously and how many people do one before the other (and if so, which comes before and which comes after).

So please, tell me all about what goes on in your bathroom. :P
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