11:17 pm - 12/19/2009

ben wa / "kegel" balls

Hey all!
I checked the tags & tried to do some research online but here I am hoping for a quick answer.

I am interested in using ben wa balls for strengthening & fun purposes!

Question: Where can I purchase cheap, appropriate balls for this purpose, NOT online?

(my credit card is tied to my mom's, i don't have a huge budget & i want to make sure i get ones that are meant for this purpose, not decorative as i know some are.)

Also, I'm 21, never had a baby, one partner.. just want to double check this is safe & can only do good? my research so far says it's all good.

draiochta_faol 20th-Dec-2009 03:49 pm (UTC)
I bet the larger ones come in handy after childbirth. I will probably be investing in some pretty soon as my vagina is all sorts of stretched from my son and my kegals are pretty shot.
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