11:17 pm - 12/19/2009

ben wa / "kegel" balls

Hey all!
I checked the tags & tried to do some research online but here I am hoping for a quick answer.

I am interested in using ben wa balls for strengthening & fun purposes!

Question: Where can I purchase cheap, appropriate balls for this purpose, NOT online?

(my credit card is tied to my mom's, i don't have a huge budget & i want to make sure i get ones that are meant for this purpose, not decorative as i know some are.)

Also, I'm 21, never had a baby, one partner.. just want to double check this is safe & can only do good? my research so far says it's all good.

gloraelin 20th-Dec-2009 07:52 am (UTC)
You could try a Lover's or a Babeland. I've heard good things about both, but mostly for Babeland.

And yeah, all it's really doing is forcing you to tense and relax your muscles more. I've never used them myself but I've heard ... errr, favorable reviews for what they do while in. Can't remember hearing anything about long-term effects though.
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