pure_midori (pure_midori) wrote in vaginapagina,

Infection or just semen?

I have been reading the little things on the side about discharge but I dont really fit all of the symptoms. I have a mildly not quite itchy not quite burning feeling mostly felt a night when I go to sleep. I also have a lot of goo. Its not thick like a paste but not thin, kinda like hair conditioner or semen. the goo itself is off white. Its not chunky I am also noticing a slight smell. Its not fishy but more like sweaty/sex smell?

Im just not sure whats going on, I havent really ever had an issue with my bits. I am on the second pack of birth control pills and I didnt take the placebos. This has just started when as I was taking the pills. I havent ever took pills before. I was on the depo previously with no problems. I havent had a period in over 1 1/2 years. Could the pill be cleaning out my vag? I let my bf ejaculate in me, could it be all the semen coming out?

also I have noticed increase in having to pee. Could adderall cause this? I just started that the same time.

Any insight? Im pretty new so anything could help. I have never had a yeast infection, urine infection or STD. the only thing that has ever happened to me was a swollen glad.

I have only had one sex partner in 2 years.
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