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Itchy: discharge or toilet paper reaction?

My period ended over a week ago. (If that's relevant) Occasionally, once a month or so, I have a lot of discharge. But most of the time, it's a fairly "normal" amount. Today while out shopping, I soaked through my panties. My jeans were ever so slightly damp.  It was quite a gross and uncomfortable feeling, though. So I went to the restroom and cleaned up (just wiped really well) and then folded up some tissue and put it in my panties til I could get home and change. (I was at Publix - if this matters. Their tissue definitely isn't Angel Soft.) It was at least 45 minutes before I removed the tissue from my britches. No problems at that time and there was no remaining tissue on my crotch. I still had lots of discharge.  Now about 1.5 hours since removing the tissue - my labia (near my clit) is insanely ITCHY. Yes, I scratched it. I thought maybe because my pubes are growing back (I do a bald shave on my labia) maybe it was just prickly and stabbing [more] senstive skin due to excess moisture and became irritated. So I shaved it back down -  which I needed to do anyway.  After I did that, I noticed about 3 small bumps - welt like. Just tiny little welts. Could this just be an irritation from the tissue or maybe i'm getting a yeast infection? After writing this all out, my vagina has calmed down and is no longer itching. For now. What gives?
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