shh_myljsecrets (shh_myljsecrets) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

Here is my question...

This is my first month on Nuva Ring and so far it's been good. Technically my 3 weeks are over tomorrow. I've read on here and on other sites that some women leave their ring in for 4 weeks so they quickly become on a 5 week cycle.

My question is if I forget to take it out tomorrow (Saturday) and take it out Sunday instead will I have thrown myself completely off or will everything be fine, I may have cramps tomorrow and from now on Sunday will be my day-o-ring in/out?


p.s. I don't plan on doing this every month to screw myself up... tomorrow is a big day and I'd rather not run around with my period. Plus, Sunday is an easier day to remember for me than Saturday.... so we're really only talking about leaving it in longer this one time.
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