thistlestickle (cadetsandkings) wrote in vaginapagina,

Peeling, itchy nipple.

My left nipple has been SUPER itchy lately. It peeled majorly, then scabbed a little where I scratched the itch, then tonight it peeled again.

No discharge, no pain really, just a little extra sensitivity.

I'm not on ANY medication- no HBC, no antidepressants, no vitamins, nothin'.

I recently cut most dairy, especially cheese, out of my diet and have had a little more soy than usual in the past few weeks. I believe I have a lactose problem. I have no idea if the dietary change, which is minor overall, could have any impact on my left nipple; certainly my breakouts and digestion have improved since cutting way back on dairy.

No family history of gynae-related cancers... no personal history of breast weirdness...

So, VP: WTF?
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