suddenlysecret (suddenlysecret) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spotting on the pill?

I'm currently on the active pills of birth control, (I take one called monofeme if that's relevant) but today I had some spotting. Pretty light, but I'm not sure if it's stopping or if I'm going to get my period (I'll update in the morning with which)
I've heard before that getting your period while on the active pills can be a sign of pregnancy? I had sex with my boyfriend a few days ago now, we always use condoms although there is some penetration before we put one on. I don't take my pill at the same time every day, I use it as more of a skip periods when I need to thing than a birth control thing (But I am planning to start taking it more regularly soon)
So, should I be freaking out that I'm pregnant or is it nothing?
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