alsettimo_cielo (alsettimo_cielo) wrote in vaginapagina,

period? spotting? on yaz.

Hey all,

I take Yaz, every day, about the same time, and have been on it about 6 months. My last real period was the 20th of November, and ended around Thanksgiving, I think. Then I started to bleed again on December 7th, and it has continued since then. This is not what I would consider "spotting," but maybe I should (I've never had anything like this happen before)...I bleed on and off throughout the day, the same amount I would on a light period. Sometimes the blood is more lumpy and less liquid. Still, I take Yaz and I was under the impression that it shouldn't cause me to get more periods, especially for this long. Should I be worried or is this common? Do you think that some stress (finals) could be a factor? Is there anything I can do to stop it? Should I call my doctor? Also, I had PIV sex about 5 hours ago and I am experiencing some cramping, but I never do. Why is this/is this common/should I be concerned? I am wondering if they are related because I don't usually experience any pain after.
Thanks !
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