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Creative ways of douching?

19, NP, not pregnant, never knowingly had yeast infection or BV before, STI-free. Myself and both exes (polyamorous relationship, both breakups happening close together) who I have had sex with in the last few months had been tested and are also STI-free, which was highly important to all of us considering the multiple partners dealie. Currently on Implanon after Mirena IUD/IUS expelled a month ago.

I am 90% sure I have some kind of BV. Since my IUD expelled about a month ago, I've had manual penetration and oral sex, as well as sex with my (now)ex-girlfriend with a dildo. I have had PIV sex once with a male condom since expulsion. While it wasn't within the first week after expulsion, I'm pretty sure that I was still at a higher risk for infection, but didn't really think of it at the time enough to use gloves and dams, just the condom.

Now, my discharge has been both slightly thicker (though nothing like that "cottage cheese" type of thickness) and slightly yellow in color, though I didn't think much of it because I attributed it to the irritation and breakdown of my uterine lining when the IUD was in and when it expelled (I had it for about a month). Usually when my hormones fluctuate, I have a slight change in scent. I did not notice an abnormal change in scent, but my housemates claim that they notice on their blankets (we tend to bring our blankets in the living room and just get under whoever's because it's cold).

So, now I'm wanting to try the hydrogen peroxide or a vinegar douche. Problem is, I don't have anything like a syringe to squirt it up there with. I've never douched before. I've heard something about a douche bag, and am wondering how it works and if I could make a makeshift one with a condom after washing away the lube. If that' possible, would latex be okay or should I go with nonlatex?

Thanks, VP!
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