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Late bleed on Nuva Ring

I've been using Nuva Ring for about 8 months now, with no problems until now.

At first I was removing the ring on a Monday night, my period would come around Wednesday, be gone by Saturday or Sunday, and I'd insert the new one on Monday. Fine. But as each month has gone by, my period has started coming later and later, and getting closer to when I want to insert the new ring. Last month I was still bleeding lightly on the day I had to put the new ring in.

Today, I've had the ring out for 5 days and only just started my period today. I know I'll still be bleeding heavily/moderately by the time I have to insert the new one this *Thursday. I usually bleed 2-3 days heavily, then another 2 days lightly.

What I'm worried about is, can I still use tampons after I put the new ring in? It's not going to absorb the hormones at all, and reduce how protected I am? I'm not sure if that's a silly question or not, and I forgot to ask my doctor at the time. I don't mind not using tampons for a few days, but if my period is going to keep getting later and later, surely that's a sign my cycle is way out of whack?

Any clues? Thanks.

*I accidentally left the last one in for 3 days too long, but spoke to my doctor and read the booklet, he said that's fine just to take it out, wait 7 days and put a new one in. So now my day is just Thursday instead of Monday, it shouldn't be affecting this lateness tho.
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