A lil' bit of you and me (sunshinii) wrote in vaginapagina,
A lil' bit of you and me

A bump...

Hello fellow VPers .

You guys have always given me wonderful advice , so thank you thank you thank you for that =)

I have yet another question/problem today ... I recently found a bump on my vagina . It's no where close to the actual opening or anything , but it is there , and it is painful to the touch . It's sort of in the middle between my clitoris hood and the place where my thigh ends , if that makes sense at all . When I touch it , I can sort of feel that there's some form of liquid inside . It's definitely no mosquito bite .

I've had these before , but they've gone away on their own , and they've never gotten this big . (It's almost the size of a dime now) It's normal skin color and when you take a closer look there's a white dot in the middle of it (very small, the size of the tip of a pin... I wasn't even sure it was part of the bump at first) So I'm not sure what I should do . If I don't touch it , it's fine . If I touch it , it's tender and sort of painful . I'm hoping it'll go away on its own , but it's been a couple days and it just keeps getting bigger and more tender .

Just a side note : I am sexually active but both my boyfriend and I were virgins when we had sex . I looked up genital herpes and warts and it looks nothing like those .

I'm guessing it's some sort of cyst that wont go away ...

So wondering if anyone here had any advice/help ?

Sorry about the lengthy post , but thank you in advance ! =)

EDIT - Today's the day after I made the post , and half of my pubic area is swollen . The white dot is no longer there , and is replaced by a dark pink spot in the center . It just keeps getting bigger . I also do not shave or wax , so I'm not expecting an ingrown hair BUT I understand that it can happen . I just never had one before so I wouldn't know what they are like . I'm thinking of going to planned parenthood to check it out , if it doesn't go away by Thursday/Friday.
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