imuhstarr (imuhstarr) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC and depression

hello all!
so I've been thinking of going on HBC (pill) for quite a while.
I've experienced crazy crazy cramps and was given the option to have a prescription painkiller or the pill, but I chose the painkillers for convenience sake over the summer (summer camp + bc = seemingly fussy for not having sex)
my crazy cramps are gone, but I've been considering going on the pill anyway as although I'm not in a relationship and a virgin, I'd want it for "just in case" sort of protection

alright! so! I've always been a very emotional person (ever since I was little my mom used to say "you better learn how to control your tears because soon you'll have all these crazy hormones flying and it'll be a lot worse!"), and recently I've been terribly emotional and have experienced waves of depression and anxiety (pms has been a blaaast the past few months, to say the least)

I was wondering if I were to go on the pill if it were to mess up my hormones more and crank up the intensity of my psycho emotional rollercoaster, or if there's not really a way to tell
orrrr if it would be a better option (risk wise and money wise) to just try out something else to possibly regulate my moods (I was going to opt for a vit. b complex, I haven't been diagnosed with clinical depression or anything so I wouldn't use anti-depressants or anything)

thanks so much and sorry if that doesn't make any sense!
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