you wanna wanga...? (faeriesandmusic) wrote in vaginapagina,
you wanna wanga...?

Penis Problems...(from Yeast?)

Here's a question, I always know I can turn to this place for help/advice.

So my boyfriend and I have started having sex. After the first few weeks everything was fine, except he noticed that he was getting a few little red marks/bumps on the top of the head of his penis. He was pretty freaked out, even though he said it didn't hurt.

I've never had an STI, I've never even had a yeast infection. But it was still a bit curious because none of my past-boy experiences has ever had this problem.

So he went and got it checked out at our University doctor and the doctor said it was due to yeast. Which actually makes perfect sense because I was taking antibiotics at the time (Zithromax) so I thought that explained it. He ate a lot of probiotic yoghurt and we took it easy for about a week and it went away.

But now it's coming back! It's nothing too serious, but I was wondering if this has happened to any of your guys' partners. It's just weird because I am not having any problems and I'm no longer on antibiotics. I wasn't sure if there was anything I could do to make him better/calm him down cause I think he is a bit worried and has even been sefl-conscious.
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