Louie Anderson (caustic_sofa) wrote in vaginapagina,
Louie Anderson

Off HBC - Weight Gain

I've been off HBC for a good month or so, now. The unfortunate thing is that I really liked it (it was Ocella - I've tried other HBCs in the past which made me crazy-go-nuts), but because I smoke 1+ pack a day, and haven't quit yet, my OBGYN advised I stop taking it.

The funny thing is, after I stopped, my appetite increased quite a bit. I have a large appetite regardless, and a high metabolism for it, but since I've stopped taking Ocella, seems my metabolism's slowed down. I've gained 10 pounds.

Still awaiting my period. No risk of pregnancy to account for the weight gain. If my metabolism has changed, will it go back to normal once I get my period? I feel so uncomfortable.

Thank you
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