sha (thedogkings) wrote in vaginapagina,

suddenly unhappy vagina! :[

I'm a virgin but I recently started fooling around a bit with this guy who is not a virgin. He stayed over from Tuesday to Thursday, during which there was much fingering and some oral sex. Thursday morning I woke up feeling kind of itchy, but figured it would eventually go away. It's Sunday and it definitely, definitely hasn't gotten better. I've never ever been itchy like this before. At first I was scratching so hard I think I made myself bleed, but since then I've been trying to stop. Pressing a cold washcloth up against my vagina helps for a bit, but the itching does eventually come back.

The itchiness is mainly focused in the area between my clitoris and urethra, although both can start itching if I scratch a bit. If I rub at my clitoris to relieve the itching, the tip gets VERY red and inflamed. I've noticed some swelling of my inner lips as well, close to the vaginal opening.

I figure I have thrush or some kind of yeast infection. I wanted to get Monistat but they all suggested I see a doctor first (I don't have any doctors nearby, all my doctors are at home, a 3 hour drive away that I won't be making until Thursday).

Anyway! My question is: I bought Vagisil Satin anti-itch creme but it says it's for external use only. What exactly is external? Can I use it on the area that actually itches, around my urethra? Can I go and get one of those Monistat treatments despite not being diagnosed?

ETA: Thanks for the comments everyone! I went ahead and used the Vagisil where I needed it. It stung for a while but when it FINALLY worked, I've been itch-free for hours. Except now I feel like I have a mild UTI coming on (pressure in my bladder that feels like urgency--I get this often) but at least I don't want to tear my vagina off of my body anymore. :P
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