estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

AGHHHH! More itching and soreness in vagina

So, apparently I am condemned to a life of this, as no matter how many times I go to the doctor and get tests, it never gets sorted out.As I posted recently, I thought I had a yeast infection a couple months back and treated it with OTC medication. This seemed to work, but then not even a week later I needed to go on antibiotics for a tooth infection, and all the itching and swelling came back. I went to the doctor, as I wanted to confirm that it was a YI and not something else, but she didn't even take a look and just gave me a prescription for more yeast medication. So again I took it, and things appeared to settle down, but then a few days ago, started up AGAIN. I went to the doctor again, as I also had some abdominal pain which concerned me (although I suffer from IBS so it's hard to know if it's that or something else). She told me it was probably another YI, but she also took a low vaginal swab (which I understand isn't as useful as a high vaginal swab) and told me to call in a week for results. I did take the YI medication but as yet it hasn't made any difference. I was now worried about BV and whatever else, so I'm seeing the nurse tomorrow for more swabs. What should I say/ask? I just feel like I'm not being taken seriously. And now because I took the stupid YI medication (pessary + cream) a few days ago, I'm afraid it will corrupt the swabs. Ai ai ai.

Sorry for whining. But this will be about the 9th set of vaginal swabs/exam this year. I'm so drained and tired of it all. It is not normal. I've had the same boyfriend for over a year, have had very few partners, always use condoms and had a full STD screening in January which was all clear. What the hell is going on.
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