rainbowsneakers (rainbowsneakers) wrote in vaginapagina,

More room than there should be?

(first-time poster, long-time lurker, all that)

Okay, so I've been having some weird problems with tampons lately. I've used them comfortably for years, and switched from applicator version to OB brand in the summer. I've never had any problem with them until this period. For some reason as soon as the whole thing is in and I go to push it further up, it turns sideways or completely upside down! Has anyone else had this happen to them, or is there some sort of goblin up there causing mischief?

The only thing I can think of to explain it is that I'm being treated for vulvodynia and vaginismus and have been doing my relaxation exercises as I insert it to keep it off the painful spots. However, I don't think that's what's causing all of the acrobatics up there, simply because the exercises are supposed to help me get my muscle tension back to normal (for scale my doctor said that 'normal' tension is 2, and mine was at 6.76. I've got it down from that, but not far enough to make tampon acrobatics possible.) It's not super-painful, just really weird.

(Oh and I haven't given birth, and given the vulvodynia have not been having intercourse with my partner.)

Anyone had a similar problem?
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