faedria (faedria) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV? and debating vinegar or peroxide rinse.

For about 3 months during the summer I dealt with what I assume was BV. Itchiness, yellow discharge, fishy smell, burny/painful sex. When I came back home after spending the summer with my boyfriend, it seemed to gradually go away on its own. However, I don't think everything down there is entirely back to normal. For one, I don't seem to have ever reacquired my normal scent. I've still got a rather strong smell going on, though nothing fishy. I've been having some mild itchiness on and off, too. I suspect it's a pH sort of issue rather than yeast, but I don't know.

I'm leaving to visit my boyfriend again in a week and I would really like to have any issues cleared up before then, as I'm afraid sex will only worsen things. I want to try a vinegar or peroxide douche, but, despite having read many success stories here, I'm afraid of throwing things more out of whack than they already are. I was thinking about using one or the other and then inserting some plain yogurt after waiting a bit. Any thoughts or experiences?
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