Serenity Painted Death (p00r5lain_d0ll) wrote in vaginapagina,
Serenity Painted Death

Waxing vs Shaving: The Cave of Wonder Strikes Back (or how I can't stop picking)

Let me set the scene:

It's 01:27am GMT and I've just come back from my triple shift at the bar. I'm currently sat cross legged with a hot compress in my crotch. I have spent the day "discreetly adjusting" myself, wondering how the hell men manage to function with bulges, when I have what feels like a golfball that constantly gets caught in my knicker line. Why, yes I am a classy girl.

On closer inspection when I finally traipse through my door, covered in Guinness and buzzing from a litre of Red Bull, my lump (from hereon known affectionately as "Mons Vesuvius") is rather raised and angry. Even more so now, having been prodded extensively (a personal failing of mine) and subjected to wads of hot cotton smothering it. Wild? It's fucking LIVID! It has no definite head as of yet, and no tell-tale trail that tells me it's an ingrown hair (although for all I know, given the size and strength of its throbbing at me, any hair in there could be long enough to plait into my armpits). Whilst I know from experience, and probably the logical side of me, that I should leave it, continue with the hot compress until it subsides or explodes, I'm really looking for a prevention rather than a cure.

Would waxing be a better option than shaving? It would be done by a professional.
A few things about me: I'm 23, I've started to notice that my body is changing, and this is affecting certain things - for one, I'm getting more short sighted, so any personal grooming that goes on in the shower once my glasses are taken off, are left to random swipes with a razor. Reading that back actually makes me wince. So I'm open to change. I need to start looking after myself more. I'm scarred enough without adding unnecessary 'puncture trophies' down there due to ingrowing hairs.
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