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Ingrown hairs

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd finally managed to get into a pattern of hair removal for my pubic area. Epilate bikini line and shave anything else I wanted gone; it was working great for a little while. Then I got a bit too confident and began epilating more onto my mons pubis.

Big mistake. Now I have some unsightly ingrowns (on my legs as well, epilators have turned out to be a lot fo trouble), one of which I dug out a bit too savagely and it now has a yellow scab over it. I am most concerned about this..

My question is, what do I do to calm down these ingrowns? How long do they take to go around the pubic area? Anything to speed up the process?

I'm seeing my boyfriend tomorrow and it's going to be so embarassing explaining why I'd prefer him to avoid the waist down...I've learned my lesson :(.

Thanks everyone!
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