Courtney (massakyr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Low cervix - thoughts?

Thanks in advance for everyone's thoughts on this. I would also like to apologize in advance if I violate any norms/conventions for VP/LJ in general; I'm not a heavy user of this site and thus not terribly familiar with this kind of thing...

A little bit of history: I'm 21 years old, have been sexually active for about three years, but did not have sex regularly until about eight months ago, when I met my current boyfriend. I have been on oral contraceptives since I was about 14 (Yaz for the last three years or so). It started off as an acne treatment (I had terrible hormonal acne that cleared up completely with the pill), but eventually I also began using it as a birth control.

So here's my problem: I have an extremely low cervix. It began about 3 years ago when I thought I could feel a lump in my vagina after the first time I had sex, so I asked my obgyn, fearing something terrible, and she said it was my cervix. No big deal. But over the years, it's gotten lower and lower. The last time I saw my boyfriend was about a month ago (we're long distance) and for the first time, I experienced some pain during and spotting after deeply penetrative sex (missionary was okay); I assume the lowness of my cervix led to it being jostled around a bit. And the boyfriend is on the larger side. Nonetheless, I was concerned, so immediately after this, I saw an obgyn (a different one) and asked her about the spotting and apparent lowness. She did a pelvic exam, but said that she couldn't feel anything unusual, so I kind of put it out of my mind.

However, today I decided to check out the situation and discovered my cervix is a mere inch, maybe 1.5 inches above my vaginal opening. Just to give you an idea, it was difficult to insert a regular-sized tampon without some discomfort. I'm due for my "period" in about a week. It's my understanding that the height of the cervix varies depending on where in your cycle you are, but does this also apply if you're on BC? Also, I understand cervical lowness maybe related to and/or a side effect of prolonged birth control use. Might this have any relation to the situation? Also, would it be worth seeking another obgyn's opinion? The last one I saw seemed to think it was a non-issue, but now I'm not so sure.

As I haven't felt my cervix in about a month, it could be unusually low now given the time of my cycle, but I do feel like it wouldn't be this low without some kind of further dropping. I feel quite confident this isn't uterine prolapse, as I've never been pregnant. I have not tested to confirm this, but I'm also pretty certain I'm not pregnant, as I have had a period since my last bout of sexual activity (and I'm also confident that I no longer even ovulate, given the length of time in which I've been on the pill).

Thank you so much for any insight that anyone might be able to provide.
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