name34453 (name34453) wrote in vaginapagina,

Masturbation tips for a newbie?

Hi all,

From reading the past entries, I guess I'm really behind here... :) I'm 21 and just tried masturbating (unsuccessfully, natch) for the first time last night. It felt good when I was rubbing/putting pressure on my abdomen/the top of my pubic area, but when I tried to go below that it just kind of hurt. It felt good when I was able to direct a stream of water at my clit, but due to physical limitations, I couldn't hold that for very long. Same with putting one leg over my bed and rubbing myself along the edge of it. So, any tips, especially things I could do lying flat on my back (preferably) or stomach? I'd like to avoid penatration and vibrators for the time being (privacy reasons and, I admit, partly prudish ones a well) and would prefer methods that could be done just using my hands (i.e., object free). I was really disappointed in my experience last night, but I think I may have been expecting too much... It's so natural to feel good grinding against a guy that I just assumed it would be as natural a thing this way, too.

Thanks in advance!
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