Caitlin (caitlinwright) wrote in vaginapagina,


I've just noticed that I have quite a few spider veins on the side of the top half of my thighs.

You know how when you sit down, your leg flattens and widens? I'm guessing it could be from pressure on the tissue there on the side of my legs when I sit. I do exercise, but I also probably I spend too much time sitting down. I'm 21 and slim, so I'm happy with my body apart from this (well, this and some stretch marks I got from putting on a bit of weight a few years back) ... but it is worrying me quite a bit.

I'm a virgin, so please forgive my ignorance of other bodies, but I would like to know,
a) If this is common or not, and ...
b) Are little veins a huge turn-off? (particularly for lesbians and bi girls ^^)

Thank you in advance!
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