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PCOS contraception? IUD vs Mirena?

Does anyone have any experiences of having PCOS and having the IUD or the Mirena?

I have PCOS and so was put first on Dianette, then on a generic form of Dianette (both are fairly strong birth control pills, to regulate my periods and mask over other PCOS symptoms).

The doctors were reluctant to keep me on Dianette. I was happy with it, although I didn’t like the generic brand as much (made me a bit more moody). I was put on Cilest about nine months ago. I’m starting to think Cilest is making me depressed. This summer was a nightmare, I mean I had a lot to deal with, but this horrible down feeling, irrationality, irritability and downright anger dominated me for months. Unconsciously, I came off the pill for about two months (well, it wasn’t needed at that point for contraceptive purposes). I felt…fantastic. It was like being bipolar, suddenly I felt happy, confident…I was okay and could cope with things…then I needed to go back onto the pill and I started it just over a week ago and the past two days or so my mood has dropped and gone back exactly where it was. I am stressed, weepy.

Is it possible for hormones to have his effect so quickly? I can’t live like this.

I’m thinking about a coil, because they have less to no hormones. As for the pill, the doctor told me I could either have Dianette or Cilest, for PCOS (according to them) they’re the only ones in the UK I can use or that they recommend. Also, I started the pill and discovered PCOS after having a horrendously heavy bleed when my implant was removed, but I’m not sure whether this was withdrawal or the way my body is? When my periods first started in my mid teens they were heavy and very painful, but in my later teens before I started progestogen methods that stopped my periods completely, my periods were irregular, erratic and not particularly heavy.

I am taking metformin to help regulate my system on its own.

Is the IUD a bad option for me? It’s the most tempting because it contains no hormones and lasts for years, but I don’t want painful periods that last forever…that said, I would rather go back to horrible periods (provided they ended) if it means I can be happy and not hating myself and angry and down all the time.

What about the Mirena? I’m a bit cautious because I had bad experiences with progestogen only methods (injection and implant). The no bleeding was a bit of a plus, but the mood swings, paranoid dreams and chronic weight gain were not so fun. Are they really as bad in the Mirena since it’s such a low dosage?

I’m going to speak to my doctor next week because it’s really not fun to live in this mood any longer…but it would be nice to hear what other people have gone through.

I’m annoyed men don’t have to go through this, but then I guess that’s the hormones talking.


(This will be cross posted. Apologies. )
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