an imaginary living body (marysia) wrote in vaginapagina,
an imaginary living body


Hi VPers,

I've tried many brands of panties through the years, and my favorite has been the Victoria's Secret Pink brand "Hipster" kind. They're a bit expensive, but fit me well. The last time I bought any was over a year ago, but I am thinking of buying a few more in Medium (I wore a small for a long time but my hips have gotten bigger and the smalls don't fit me as well anymore.) However I've noticed that all their panty styles are now labeled as some variant of "cheeky" or "cheekier". I didn't like their previous "cheeky hipsters" because they had a tendency to ride up into my butt, and I won't be thrilled if that's all they have now. Does anyone know if they actually do have less butt coverage than the old ones or is it just marketing? I tried to ask one of the employees, but she didn't seem to know...
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