kimmeh (arwenchan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Superlight yeast infection?

I've had yeast infection before and I talked to my doctor and he said no need for checkups, take one vaginal depot pill and canesten cream for 12 days, twice a day and it will go away. AAnd it did, gone for 6 months or soo..

Now, I THINK I have it again, its a bit itchy 'down there' but i haven't noticed a a change in my discharge, which did really change last time.

So, basically my question is; could it be dangerous to take the treatment for yeast infection if I don't have yeast? I can't really imagine it should be, or maybe I should go for lactic acid tablets instead, since it seems to be rather 'light' - maybe it would make it go away?

I'm just bummed.
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