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Tips and Methods for Taking HBC at the Same Time

In looking through the archives, I didn't see anything about methods or tips for taking HBC regularly, if I missed something please let me know.

I have a very difficult time taking my progestrone only pill at the same time each day. I work 3 nights a week, and 1 day a week, go to school 2 days a week and take care of my boyfriend's daughter part time. There is almost no consistency to my daily activities because of this. I do NOT want children of my own, and the idea of ending up pregnant is very disturbing, despite the fact that I know I'd be getting an abortion.

Does anyone have tips, tricks or methods they use to remember to take their pills regularly? The progestrone only pill has a 3 hour window, after that I have to use a back up method for at least 2 days.

I currently have an alarm set on my cell phone for 12:30 pm every day, and that is helping. But I was 3.5 hours late again today. :(

A few years ago, because I was having the same problem working two jobs and going to school full time, I switched to the Nuva Ring. It caused a blood clot that put me in the hospital. Because of this I can ONLY take progesterone hormonal birth control. I tried the Mirena IUD a year ago and had a TERRIBLE experience. I bled and cramped for the first six weeks, and was cramping on a daily basis until a had it removed a couple of months ago.


I want to get my tubes tied, and an endometrial ablation to eliminate the pregnancy issue, and at least some of the menstruating, but I can't afford health insurance yet.
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