Hoe Dameron (zombianca) wrote in vaginapagina,
Hoe Dameron

Can Tampons prevent menstrual cramps?

Hey VP!

So I have a weird question:

I have endometriosis (I like how Firefox spellcheck doesn't think that is a word btw.)

I am on the second day of my period, which is usually the heaviest and most painful day. I do take HBC so the cramps aren't hospital-worthy, but still pretty intense.

I typically wear a tampon throughout the day and then pads at night, however, today I ran out of tampons and since I am off today I thought I would just wear pads until later when I can go out and go get more tampons.

As soon as I took my last tampon out, the cramps I was already having went from mild to OMG OW almost immediately. I have noticed this phenomenon before, but never really thought about it much.

Could it be that having a tampon in actually makes cramps less intense? And if so, how?

Anyone have this happen to them?
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