Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean (so_much_udder) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean

Gentian violet woes

Ack. So...Gentian violet. I used it, had trouble with it because it was messy, but figured it would be worth it if it helped my apparent external yeast infection that would not go away (if it is indeed yeast). Anyway. So it seems to help. I put it on on Saturday. I also got my period that day, so I'm not sure if that compromises anything. So I was using my Diva Cup, and yesterday I noticed that it was very tender trying to put the cup in and and take it out. Also, I noticed after a bowel movement that my anus was particularly sensitive as well (the violet got everywhere). I take a look down there with a mirror, and find on my inner labia, on the bottom-inside cuts on both sides leading inside me. It also feels like there are cuts on both sides of the skin around my anus...I'm not sure why this is happening. I can only assume it's the gentian violet, but I've never read about anything like this happening. Is this what it is? Will it go away once the violet has faded? And what can I do to soothe the whole area?

Any help is appreciated!
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