bitterSWEET (crownless__) wrote in vaginapagina,

yaz and cholesterol

i have high triglyceride and i found out about it like few days ago.. i went to the gyno more days before knowing my condition because my period was getting lighter (if that's the term) and for the pap.. she gave me yaz and today i took the first pill since i got my period, but while i was reading the instructions i read that you can't take it if you have a heart condition and should take care if you have cholesterol,family with cancer, etc..

tl;dr - i took a triglyceride test and it wasn't good news but weeks before that i went to the gyno and she gave me yaz, apparently yaz and cholesterol aren't friends lol

i can call her tomorrow.. so my question for now, should i be worry? any experience with cholesterol and birth control??
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