Tina (udntknomeson) wrote in vaginapagina,

pregnant !

i don't know if this post may sound out of place or not .. but i really feel like i need to get it off my chest and i need some advice . so about a week ago , my period was a few days late , which i found odd because month to month my periods would come a few days earlier . so i decided to take a pregnancy test . mind you , i had every doubt in my mind that i was pregnant because after a lott of unprotected sex throughout the years and not more than a couple of scares , i considered the possibility that i might not be able to concieve .. well i was wrong . i really couldn't believe the test said yes .. i took another test the next morning just to make sure .. and there it was again . i told the baby's father and he's not too thrilled .. our relationship isn't all that stable and he already has a seven year old son by another girl . but i guess he's unwillingly going to stick it out . regardless of what he wants , as silly as it may sound , i do want to keep the baby . but i really dont know how things will all work out .. i'm only 18 and i just got out of high school . im not so sure that my parents will support me as there's a kind of awkward situation going on at home .. my 23 year old sister [has some developmental issues] ran away from home with a 50 year old and she recently told my parents she was pregnant . and for me to tell my parents IM pregnant after what happened with my sister .. i really dont think they'll be willing to support me . and i honestly dont know how things with my baby's father are going to work out .. so i'm wondering where can i go for help in a situation like this ? it might sound like a silly question , but i'm not willing to terminate the pregnancy .. and the way things are this might end up with me having to do it all on my own :/
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