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Quick question. I'm due for my period around fri or saturday. But all day, today, I've experienced light cramping. I usually get my cramps the first day I actually get my period after I start and it goes into the next day. This is different for me. My breasts are their typical sore, tender, and fuller as they always are, starting usually a week and a half before my period. I only had sex once this cycle, it was a day or two after my last period ended. He didnt finish in me, but we stupidly did not use protection. Could this light cramping be my period, or should I start to worry?
I'm always regular on a 30-32 day cycle. Today is the 28th day of my cycle. This random cramping is just freaking me out, cause some people who get pregnant complain of this, but idk the one time I had sex with my boyfriend just seems like an unlikely time, especially because his precum wouldnt have had any previous semen in it. But when he did finish, he went on my stomach and now I'm afraid maybe some trippped down? Idk I'm such an EXTREME worrier. It was about a day or two after my period ended, so it seems unlikely. Should I relax?

Thank you in advance!
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