Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Gyno appointment +made me get a pregnancy test

I went to my gyn today for my yearly pap and checkup and since my last period was November 3rd, the doctor and nurse kept asking me if I was sure I wasn't pregnant, etc., etc. I told them I just ovulated later than usual this cycle. This is my chart this cycle. My temp even dropped this morning so I am expecting my period in a day or two.

He did the pap and then felt my ovaries and such and said that my cervix and ovaries were soft, which is a sign of pregnancy but also of premenstrual. Before I left, they made me get a blood test just to check if I'm pregnant. I have to call them tomorrow for the result.

I really hope I'm not pregnant -it's definitely not the right time as I have health issues. I don't think I am as my temp dropped this morning and I only had sex twice this cycle and used condoms both times. It has kind of put me on edge and stressed me out though that they surrounded the whole appointment around possibly being pregnant and having me get the blood test.

What do you all think? Augh.
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