strizzie (strizzie) wrote in vaginapagina,

vertical position during period startup - no way!

hi everyone,

I'd like to know if this is normal...

My period started this morning - two weeks late. Even though I took prescribed meds as soon as I felt the pain (horrid cramps woke me up, ugh) I spent the morning in bed, because every time I tried to sit up, I puked. When I went food shopping in the afternoon, I almost passed out in the middle of the shop.
Momentarily I'm only a bit dizzy (I forced myself to eat some chocolate later on to get my blood sugar back up), but my stomach feels like someone's kicking it from the inside.

Does anyone else know this? Could it have anything to do with my menstrual cup (wearing MCUK small, don't feel it at all, inserted since yesterday, I've been using it since March). Thanks a lot!
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