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Slime Time Vagine

I have a new vagina inquiry (vaginquiry?) every day!

Recently, my boyfriend and I have stopped using condoms. I am on Ocella (HBC pill), and I take it fairly religiously
I have been on it for three months now. He ejaculates inside me, and we are both okay with that. ( He tested negative for STIs)
(I know, I know. Not ridiculously smart)

But, my question is about what happens AFTER he comes in me.
At first (when I pee right after sex) it comes out in big milky/clear globs.. (you know, like semen..)

After a few hours, or the next morning, it comes out looking like green mucus! Still the same clear milky consistency and everything as the night before, but it comes out with a greenish yellowish tinge..

The first thing I thought was that I had an STI, but I got tested, and the results came back negative.
Is this an indicator that I am pregnant or something? What is wrong with mee?
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