mduia (mduia92) wrote in vaginapagina,

no idea what is going on

mkay, so back in July I felt vaginal itching for the first time in my life, specifically vulval/clitoral itching. this was promptly followed by burning during urination and chunky discharge (basically clear with tiny white clumps, didn't really resemble cottage cheese to me). i had lost my virginity to my boyfriend about 2 months earlier, and we have always used condoms and ky lube. i went to the doctor for this, we discussed my symptoms, and I was prescribed diflucan (she didn’t do a test). this got rid of all my symptoms (although if I remember correctly it did continue to smell a little off) and I went a month without any real problems.
In September, I begun to get itchy on and off again, experiencing a milder version of the same symptoms. thinking that I had a yeast infection, I purchased the egg-shaped monistat insert, which seemed to help somewhat, but I still had the strong sour smell. In November, the itching started up again, and this time I went to the doctor about it. She gave me a pap smear and told me that I had bacterial vaginosis. She said that yeast infections can easily turn into bacterial vaginosis (is this true?) and prescribed me the bacterial vaginosis cream, which did not seem to work.I started to actually get the cottage cheese-like discharge the day I started using the cream.
last week, I started to feel the same itchiness once again. i had my mom call the doctor, who told me to purchase monistat and gave me the prescription for the fluconazole pill. I used them both at the same time. today is the day after I finished using all these treatments and my vagina is still itching like crazy.
i'm so frustrated. my boyfriend hasn't been able to go down on me for months. i'm thinking maybe i have some sort of allergy to latex? my next step is probably to get in contact with an actual gynecologist rather than a general doctor and see what's going on.
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