Coley Ouellette (coley_ouellette) wrote in vaginapagina,
Coley Ouellette

Weird discharge, normal?

Help me out Vag Pag... The other day I noticed a dischagre from my vagina that looked as if I sneezed on my finger, it looks like snot. The day before the discharge happened, or at least I noticed, I had bled a tiny bit. Is this nromal?
Info that may help or might be further help in my "is this normal or not" question: My last period was a week early and it started out a bright orange color and returned to a normal period blood color a few hours later. I also expierenced a different kind of cramping which almost felt like a burning pain. At the time I was weight lifting so that could have caused the weird cramps, not sure. But, I've never had spotting between periods before and I know that is normal but I just thought I'd ask with the discharge happening an all.
Thanks for any help in advance.
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