. (miss_almost) wrote in vaginapagina,

hair removal question - silk'n product

i saw a commercial for Silk'n hair removal product.


Basically its pulsed light. from what ive gathered it sort of burns the hair off, or something like that. im not really sure because the videos and stuff on their web site seems sort of vague.
its like $600 USD so not exactly cheap where id buy it to just give it a go and no big deal if it doesnt work.

im a little concerned with the safety issues, but the site refers me to their booklet, which comes with the product. anyway, skin safety concerns aside, the product can be used on the under arms, arms, legs, and "bikini line"

if i were to get this id not want to use it just on the line of my bikini area. id want to use it on my mons pubis and outer labia.

so my questions are:
1. has anyone ever used this product anywhere, and has it really worked?
sub question: have you ever used it on your mons pubis/labia for hair removal, and did it work out alright, or where there complications because the skin is more sensitive down there?

2. does anyone have any ideas as to if there would be more health concerns with the area getting so much light, since it never does otherwise?
(im a little fuzzy on this, but im under the impression that you must apply sunscreen before giving yourself a "treatment." that being said, is it safe to be rubbing sunscreen down there? is there a special sunscreen people use for tanning booths, or for sensitive skin? i dont know what all is in sunscreen, but if anyone has used sunscreen down there please let me know.)

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