...dont, Smilee (dontsmilee) wrote in vaginapagina,
...dont, Smilee

bleeding duration, after stillborn delivery

on november 22, i gave birth to a stillborn baby. i was totally surprised by the pregnancy. my periods have never been 'regular', i'm 40 and have had only one pregnancy before this,17 yrs ago. also, i had intermidt bleeding over the 5 months, enough to make me dismiss the indications of pregnancy. since the delivery/miscarriage, i'm unsure what to call it, i have been bleeding. i know that some light bleeding is normal after a DNC, or a birth, and that's how it started. painless and light flowing. but the past couple of days, the blood seems to have increased instead of coming to a stop. it's blackish, and it has small clots at times. i guess it's all over the place. my question is this: has anyone had a simular experience, in which they can give me some kind of idea of where i should be, recovery wise? i'm not having sex, by the way. just thought i'd add that. thanks!
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