Easy, Lucky, Free (memoirsofsunny) wrote in vaginapagina,
Easy, Lucky, Free

vag smells disappear when I shower?

Okay, so whenever I don't shower for a day or so my vagina smells pretty....gross.
I can't really describe the smell--it's very acidic, and kind of...like a weird italian dressing?
LMAO. Disgusting I know, but according to my gyno there is nothing wrong with me.
[A few months ago though, my gyno said I had bacteria in my bladder which caused my clit to smell in the process]

Anyhow--whenever I shower and wash my vulva [with Dial soap] the smell afterwards is just the normal, musky vagina scent.
(1)Is this how everyone is? If you don't shower for a day or so the smell is bad/worse than if you had?

p.s. I know washing your genitals with soapish stuff in general is bad for the PH of your vagina, but I've never had problems with it.

Oh and what's even weirder is that my boyfriend says (2) my nipples taste like my vagina! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? And it's true, I've kissed him after he's had my vag and nipples in his mouth and they're the same taste! What is wrong with my nipples?? Oh, and they usually taste like my bad vag smell, even if my vag smells normal. WEIRD.

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