lynzee_nicole (lynzee_nicole) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very strange vulvar pain, freaking out a little.

I posted the other day about a possible UTI, but something else is happening... and I have no clue what it is. I woke up this morning, and my whole vulva was... aching. Not a burning or stinging pain, or itch, but this heavy intense ache. I get a similar pain on my period sometimes, and it feels like my vulva's trying to fall off... it would happen if I were standing for a long period of time, and sitting down would make it feel better immediately. But what I have now is different. It hurts BADLY and it's constant, no matter what I'm doing: sitting, standing, lying down, whatever. It feels somewhat better when I put pressure on it with my hand or something, though the initial moment of the touch hurts. Through the day it has been getting worse and worse, and has spread to my anus and even as far as about halfway up my butt cheeks. When I go to the bathroom I still have the UTI pain during urination, but now the ache in my vulva gets worse then, too. Throughout the day, I've had moments of sharp pain on small spots of my vulva, but they don't last very long. There is no redness or anything, no irritation, but my labia majora are slightly swollen, the same way they look after I've had sex. Ice seems to dull the pain slightly, and I spent about an hour in a hot bathtub, which felt somewhat better, but the ache came back as soon as I left the tub.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening right now? I'm freaking out a little bit, and I can't find anything that suggests similar symptoms.
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