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I am a 29 year old female who is on the birth control pill Ocella. I would say I have sex 5 times a week (sometimes 7, yes...he is a horny man and likes me to relieve him at least once a day!) with my boyfriend of over 2 years! I will admit I am not skinny, but obese...I wish I could lose this weight! My problem, I have been on Ocella for well over a year, at 1st I was on Yaz but Medicaid wouldn't cover it and I have not missed a pill!! Recently, when I have been taking the pills for the week my period is suppose to begin, my period has becoming later and later. Well, this period has not come at all and I start my new pack tomorrow...:\

I am bi-polar and suffer from depression, I am currently on generic Welbutrin for this and maybe 6 months ago the dose was increased! I have to be on a low dose birth control pill otherwise I end up in an evil manic state! Threw most of November I was so darn depressed I could barely function! I have finally snapped out of it, but my appetite is in the toilet! I normally love food and clean my plate, one reason why I am plump but recently...well, I have not really wanted to eat! My main concern is that I maybe pregnant. I don't want to be, financially...I can't afford a kid for I am on disability and I also inherited my mental illness which I do not want to pass on to a child!

Some other history:

Before I met Rodney, I was having some issues with my "monthly visitor!" From the beginning my period often skipped a month here and there. Then about 3 years ago I would bleed for almost a whole month, spotting at times and heavy at other times! My periods were so heavy that I would have to wear 2 pads and in less then an hour I would bleed threw! My GYN put me threw a serious of tests which showed nothing. I had a couple options, birth control pills for one or my GYN could go in and scrap the lining of my uterus and while in there he would use a small camera to look around! At that time I was not with anyone...and about to dry up from the lack of sex, so I decided the surgery route! Well, my insurance said..."heck no," for though my GYN took my insurance the hospital he would have done the surgery at didn't! At that time I met Rodney and went on the birth control pill!

Since being on the pill, I have been suffering from severe Vaginal dryness! I was sent to a specialist about this that sat there and called me fat and told me to lose weight! He accused me of snacking on potato chips, which I hate to say it...I rarely snack and I can't recall the last time I had a potato chip! My GYN apologized left and right for the nasty way the specialist treated me, but it was not his fault!

My Mom - After having me started to develop cysts on her ovaries! The doctor kept removing them only for them to come back bigger and bigger...she had to be spayed in the end, thus I ended up being an only child! My Mom was much younger then me when all this happened! There is no other family history that I know of...

Thanks for you time, and sorry for my ramblings...but I am truly worried!
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